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MJCA Terms of Service

1. It is your responsibility to follow all local laws in your jurisdiction while accessing this website. You must be of the legal age that your local area stipulates to use cannabis products. We urge anyone wanting to try products that they may have seen on this website for medical purposes, to consult with their personal physician first. Anyone wanting to try products for recreational purposes should follow any instructions provided by the supplier.
Different people may react differently to marijuana, as people do with alcohol, please be careful if you are a first time user and know your limits.

2. ‘MJCA’ conveys news and information for entertainment purposes only. ‘MJCA’ does not endorse or certify the accuracy of any information on this website in relation to any products or services. Any disputes rising from product usage or issues with third party suppliers, you agree to take up directly with the suppliers or advertisers. We are simply trying to convey information on what is available in the cannabis marketplace and pass on news and information. We do not sell products that any information has been posted on this website in relation to. Please inform us if you become aware of any incorrect information that is on the website.

3. Any information that you may post on ‘MJCA’ is your property and you have agreed to make this information public by posting it on this website. We do not give out personal information or sell email addresses but will comply with laws and law enforcement on information that has been posted to this website.

4. In the event of any issue, legal or otherwise directed at ‘MJCA’, you agree to deal directly with the management of ‘MJCA’. We will do our best to resolve all issues. You agree that you hold harmless ‘MJCA’, for any issues or lawsuits that may arise from any products you may have learned about through this website.

5. If any ‘claims’ are brought against ‘MJCA’ for whatever reason, you agree that it will be brought forward in the jurisdiction of the City of Toronto, in the province of Ontario.

We are an information for entertainment purposes only website.
You may contact us on the Contact Us page.

Thank you for visiting this website and we hope you enjoy it!