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Moon | Up Cannabis Hybrid | High CBD THC 5-8% CBD 9-12.29%

Herbal, musky, and tropical aroma.moon-upcannabis

Moon is a mild, fragrant 1:2 CBD indica-dominant hybrid that is sun-grown at Up Cannabis’s Great Emerald Hall greenhouse located in the Niagara region. The flower has an herbal and earthy aroma with undertones of pine. It’s resin-coated buds have flaming orange hairs and an abundance of white crystal trichomes.

Dominant Terpenes

Alpha pinene

Cymene is a centring terpene with woody, spicy, and citrus notes. It is found in herbs and spices such as coriander, oregano, thyme, and cumin.

Eucalyptol (or cineol) is a revitalizing terpene that presents as a cooling, minty aroma, and is found naturally in bay leaves, tea trees, and eucalyptus trees.

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