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“FREE” Sativa-Dominant | High CBD Solei by Aphria Inc. THC 0.4-0.66% CBD 11.46-17.6%

Solei flowers are perfectly flowered, sun-grown to the highest quality in an eco-friendlytemple-aurora environment and harvested at just the right moment.

Solei Free features the high-CBD Treasure Island strain. With rich green hues and spicy notes, Solei Free is sun-grown in an eco-friendly environment and harvested at the peak of trichome development.

Dominant Terpenes

Alpha pinene

Myrcene is a mellowing terpene found in high quantities in mangoes and wild thyme, as well as hops, lemongrass, bay leaves, and citrus fruits. With an earthy and musky scent, myrcene is also the most common terpene in cannabis, and is often found in larger quantities in indica-dominant strains.

Caryophyllene is a balancing terpene common in basil, oregano, hops, and rosemary, and in spices such as cloves, caraway, black pepper, and cinnamon. It commonly presents notes of spice and pepper.

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