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Elation | Doja Cannabis
Indica-Dominant THC 16-19% CBD 0-1%

An indica-dominant hybrid from parents MK Ultra and Chemdawg 91, this phenotype of Cold Creek Kush features a complex, woody, herbaceous aroma with subtle notes of lavender, jasmine and black pepper supported by a fresh, slightly sweet citrusy undertone. These large, heavy flowers feature significant trichome production with long, twisting amber-coloured pistils. Hand-trimmed in theelation-dojaOkanagan to retain its quality.

Dominant Terpenes

Beta caryophyllene

Myrcene is a mellowing terpene found in high quantities in mangoes and wild thyme, as well as hops, lemongrass, bay leaves, and citrus fruits. With an earthy and musky scent, myrcene is also the most common terpene in cannabis, and is often found in larger quantities in indica-dominant strains.

Ocimene is a purifying terpene with sweet, tropical, floral, and woody notes. It is found in allspice, mint, basil, parsley, and pepper.

Growing Method | Indoor

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