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Charlees Angel | Redecan Indica-Dominant THC 17-19% CBD 0-0.01%

Exclusive indica-dominant strain with citrus and diesel notes.charlees-angel-redecan

Charlee Angel is an indica-dominant hybrid that resembles the Sour Diesel strain. The plant grows fast and stocky with a strong branch structure. It has an eight to eight-and-a-half week flower time and produces buds that are blanketed in white trichomes. It has a citrus aroma with overtones of diesel.

Dominant Terpenes

Caryophyllene is a balancing terpene common in basil, oregano, hops, and rosemary, and in spices such as cloves, caraway, black pepper, and cinnamon. It commonly presents notes of spice and pepper.

Humulene is a motivating terpene found in hops, coriander, cloves, and basil, among other plants. Its aroma presents as woodsy and earthy with citrus overtones.

Myrcene is a mellowing terpene found in high quantities in mangoes and wild thyme, as well as hops, lemongrass, bay leaves, and citrus fruits. With an earthy and musky scent, myrcene is also the most common terpene in cannabis, and is often found in larger quantities in indica-dominant strains.

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